Email Problems?

Here some self help options to try and identify the problem:


  • Check that you can open your website or
  • Make sure you use your full email address as your login.
  • Account type must be “POP”
  • Incoming mail server and outgoing mail server must be: (
  • If you receive any errors, then right them down and log a ticket on our helpdesk. This will help us to identify the error.
  • -If this is a new account, you changed servers or changed email setting, then clear the cache records by following step 2 on the link below:

Click here for help on this topic

  • Open Run and enter CMD and press enter
  • Black screen will open.
  • Type the following in: ipconfig /flushdns and press enter – Done!


Unfortunately there is only one way to investigate why your email to so long to be received. We are able to trace the email based on the email headers.

  • Open your email application, but do not open the actual email itself.
  • On the list of emails received, right click on the specific email and select Message Options.
  • You will find the screen below. Copy the bottom part out and forward it to us on a email. That’s right. From this information we will be able to tell you exactly what happened with your email and why it took so long to arrive.



  • Edit your email account.
  • Account Type must be “pop”
  • -Incoming Mail and Outgoing mail server must be ( = replace with your domain name)
  • Login: your full email address.
  • Click on advance or more
  • Outgoing mail server select: Use same as incoming mail server