All you need to know is that you covered with My Simple Website.

Having a website and not reading the fine print is like buying a house without a contract. Did you know that your website could be attacked by a spammer overnight, resulting in additional bandwidth that could cost you up to 20Cents a MB?

This is what the guys normally don’t tell you:

  1. Your website used more than the promised bandwidth, so your website company blocking search engines like GOOGLE to index your site to limit your usage.
  2. They slowing your website loading time as you start reaching the limit in resulting less people able to see your website. This is the most common way for large website companies to handle with out-of-contract-usage.
  3. They suspend your website until the new month or bill you unexpectedly with $$$$$$$$$$.

As mentioned before, you protected with My Simple Website.

We implemented the following measures to deal with this:

  1. Our helpdesk is notified immediately with “out of line” usage and investigated as it happens.
  2. We registered “Honey Pot” users, harvesting IP addresses and information of people and software who harvest information from the internet. Harvesting information form the internet with electronic software is again the “SA Communication Act’ and will result in immediate blocking of International Website all around the world.
  3. We love a challenge and see a website been spammed as a opportunity to grow! Learning from one website can help us protecting several others.