You will need the following information in order to start your website.

1) Domain name:

    • The domain is your website address and can be any name that hasn’t been taken on the internet.  Our domain name is
    • The package on offer only includes Other domains also supported at an additional cost.
    • You can use any domain name that you want and do not have to be a registered company name.
    • You can check if your domain is available at the following link: click here to check
    • Simply email us your required domain name and we will register it for you.

2) Internet Provider Details

    • We will need your internet provider’s details. (How do you go onto the Internet? Mweb, Vodacom, MTN…)

3) Page Content

    • Information about your company, such as contact details, overview, mission and services offered.
    • Product or service information.
    • What do you offer? Any additional information you want to make available to your clients?
    • Key words that clients might associate your business with.
    • Initial setup of 10 pages at no cost. Clients can post new pages and content themselves from the control panel at no additional cost. Number of pages might be limited to the type of webpage template used.

4) Company logo

    • Include a standard company logo if required, otherwise a Web-template will be used.

5) We will compile your web-page in test mode and make it active as soon as you have approved the final product.

We offer free support and basic web changes. We also allow access to our more web-advanced clients to update website content themselves through a administrator control panel.