Benefits training evaluation surveys deliver

Benefits training evaluation surveys deliver

1) Increase your employees’ ability to retain more knowledge:

If there are training courses that you frequently send new company employees on, you’ll want them and your business to gain as much value as possible. Creating a quiz is a great way to test employees on what they learnt, they’ll also be more likely to revisit their course materials if you run regular quizzes which in turn helps them to retain more knowledge. This also helps encourage employees to think about how they can apply their new found knowledge to their job.

2) Improve how this knowledge is applied and shared across your business:

You can also use quizzes to evaluate how well employees have been able to apply their newly found knowledge in their everyday roles and if they’ve been able to pass this onto other colleagues in the business. Publishing quiz scores and offering prizes for the highest, can help encourage greater employee participation and a healthy competition among staff which can help boost productivity within your business.

3) Enhance the quality of any training you provide:

Improve the quality of your course trainers, teaching methods and any materials you use, through evaluation surveys that allow you to test the effectiveness of a training course and enable participants to anonymously offer their feedback.

4) Increase the satisfaction and number of your course attendees:

By regularly and consistently evaluating your course attendees and acting on the feedback they provide, not only will this help to increase their satisfaction with the training you provide, it will help you to improve the quality of your course and attract more attendees going forward.

5) Identify opportunities to introduce new courses:

By allowing you to see areas where participants may be struggling, or reveal patterns in your feedback, where attendees may be asking for more information in the same areas, it can enable you to identify areas where follow up training is required. It can also highlight where there is demand for you to potentially develop new courses.

6) Improve career development for employees:

Training evaluation surveys can also be useful in helping you to develop employees, by improving your understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Not only can it help you to keep track of their progress in their roles, it can also reveal whether they can still grow in their current jobs or whether they may be more successful in another position.