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Evaluate staff training results

Evaluate staff training results 1. Satisfaction and participant reaction The most basic evaluation of training measures satisfaction. Usually, the trainer will hand out a survey at the end of the course to see how the participants reacted to the . We send out an electronic survey to measure satisfaction rates with our training courses. What […]

Health and Safety Training Courses

Health and Safety Training Courses Safety Representatives, Employees identified to become nominated Safety Representatives, General Staff who want to gain general knowledge of their company’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System pertaining to SHE Representatives This course ensures efficiency and understanding of duties and obligations for this position. Attendees will have a greater understanding of […]

Why evaluate training?

Why evaluate training providers? There are many reasons for evaluating training, including: Training Providers: quality-check training development and delivery identify the most effective training strategies find out how learning is being applied/transferred demonstrate the value of training to customers. Businesses: identify high/low-performing courses track development of staff knowledge and skills check impact on job and […]

Assessors online course

Assessors online course PURPOSE OF THE ASSESSORS ONLINE COURSE This generic assessor unit standard is for those who assess people for their achievement of learning outcomes in terms of specified criteria using pre-designed assessment instruments. The outcomes and criteria may be defined in a range of documents including but not limited to unit standards, exit […]

Z7 Online Shop South Africa

Z7 Online Shop South Africa How To Spot a Fake Online Store in 6 Easy Steps 1. Source code When you go to a website, right click on it and view the source code. Most professional and trustworthy sites are built by webdesigners from scratch, so if you see there a sentence that looks more […]

Accredited Training Provider

What is the purpose of SETA Accreditation? The purpose of SETA accreditation is to make sure that education and training is of a high standard and quality and that it is relevant to the needs of the industry sector in question. If a training provider has SETA accreditation, it means that the training provider’s courses […]

lay counselling course

Short Course in The Introduction Of HIV For Supporters, Lay Counsellors And Care Givers Who Should Enrol All supporters, caregivers and lay-counsellors who need to prepare themselves for the challenges of providing support and counselling to people affected by HIV. 1. THIS WILL ENABLE YOU TO? This is a generic skills programme for learners in a […]


The benefits of external training providers are numerous, they handle the certification of their trainers, they organise the course materials and they liaise with participants throughout the process. But how do you know that you’ve chosen a good provider? We’ve put together our top 5 tips below to help you pick a good external training […]

Facilitator Course

Facilitator Course Education and experience are the primary qualifications for a learning facilitator. You need at least a bachelor’s degree in human resources, education, or instructional design. A degree in training and development is also acceptable. The Facilitator Course is about working with people and assisting individuals with their interactions and discussion. Differences in people need […]

Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training vs. Facilitator course..what’s the difference? Training and facilitating course are two different activities. They require some of the same skills, and some different skills. A Facilitator Training is often a content expert, while a facilitator is a process expert. A trainer uses lecture, conducts demonstrations, supervises skill practice, and corrects the learners’ mistakes. […]