Cheapest ADSL deals in South Africa May 2014

Axxess announced on 26 May 2014 that it is doubling the data allowance of its capped ADSL subscribers free of charge.

“We’re giving our Capped DSL clients twice as many Gigs as they bargained for, by literally doubling their data at no extra cost during the Double Your Gigs promotion,” Axxess told subscribers.

With this promotion Axxess reduced the price of ADSL data for larger bundles to less than R2 per GB.

This raises the question of how Axxess’ new capped ADSL prices compare with competing products in the market. The following table answers that question.

It should be noted that Web Africa doubles subscribers’ caps by offering after hours data, which is not shown in the table (only any-time data is shown).

ISP Data allowance (GB) Price Price per GB
Axxess 6 R19 R3.17
Afrihost 8 R29 R3.63
Openweb 10 R49 R4.90
Web Africa 5 R39 R7.80
Incredible Connection 10 R79 R7.90
Telkom Internet 10 R99 R9.90
Plugg 10 R130 R13.00
Axxess 20 R46 R2.30
Incredible Connection 20 R49 R2.45
Afrihost 20 R49 R2.45
Openweb 20 R89 R4.45
Web Africa 15 R79 R5.27
Cybersmart 20 R134 R6.70
Telkom Internet 20 R149 R7.45
Plugg 20 R259 R12.95
Axxess 100 R189 R1.89
Afrihost 100 R199 R1.99
Vox Telecom 100 R328 R3.28
Web Africa 90 R299 R3.32
Cybersmart 100 R399 R3.99
Openweb 100 R399 R3.99
Telkom Internet 100 R645 R6.45
Plugg 100 R1,296 R12.96
Axxess 200 R379 R1.90
Afrihost 200 R399 R2.00
Web Africa 200 R599 R3.00
Vox Telecom 200 R639 R3.20
Openweb 200 R789 R3.95

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