How to stop wind from blowing out gas on external gas geyser

So I purchased this GAS GEYSER a while back, installed an worked fine for about 2 weeks till we had some bad weather.

  • And I tried to search the following with no luck:
  • Gas Geyser flame going out in bad weather
  • Gas Geyser Pilot Light going out in bad weather
  • External Gas Geyser in bad weather.

I even tried the manufacturer, with no luck. Lots of google searches shown people with the same problem with no solutions.

Firstly, I discovered I had the wrong external case to allow air on the sides. Fixed, still a problem.

So by now I had 2 x external casings, wrong side and the right size.

My problem with my Gas Geyser flame going out in bad weather or the slightest wind blowing. 

  1. Firstly, the gas geyser was installed on the second level of a complex allowing lots of air flow from the bottom, also exposing it far more to the wind.
  2. The Gas Geyser is installed almost on the corner of the building, so creating a wind “tunnel” or “vacuum” in the lightest wind, causing the flame to go out in the smallest breeze.

So I wanted to stop the air-flow directly from the bottom of the unit to the top, at also allow enough air-flow through the gas geyser.

I created the L-Shape at the bottom of the geyser to stop air flow bad weather or windy conditions from the bottom and rather direct the air intake from the sides. Thumb rule applied of allowing 1 1/2 size air-inflow the size of the top chimney to allow enough air-intake on the gas geyser. (Although I think mine is more double the size.)

Tested and this works 100% in the worst conditions and did not had one a problem with my gas geyser blowing out through windy conditions.

Hope this can help someone else because I could not find any resources of this sort on the internet.