MINGLE Forum Plugin

Mingle Forum Plugin.

Been using this plugin for years, but of course had some limitations. Also recently noticed that some of the Mingle Forum discussions does not get updated, another the forum was not working and a site I previously used not working anymore. I only found several discussions of treats closed and complaints.

Over the past 2 years I done quite a lot of development and changes in the plugin.

  • Fixed some bugs found as the plugin was not updated.
  • PERMANENT URL option – only use this from the start – do not activate after you started using the site. Currently, we do not make use of this feature.
  • Uploading of files: Now you can upload pictures and files. Plugin will display any pictures correctly and add a url to the download file.
  • Download files: Now users must login to the site in order to download the file as per the example below.
  • Users placing comments on the main tread can also not upload additional files.
  • Fixing some issues with the formatting.

See my example of the plugin working here:


Install and add the short code [ mingleforum ]  – with no spaces in the [] on any page.

Download it from the link below


Sitemap can easily be added to your robot.txt file. My example below:

Can also use the following code to add it to wordpress:


Hope someone else will also find some joy in this plugin.