SETUP my own elearning site is able to assist with setting up elearning solutions.

NOTE: Currently our development team is only able to assist with basic setups. More advance, theme and plugin design is not available at this state.


      1. Domain name, unless you already have one.
      2. Web-hosting to host your elearning domain site.
      3. Moodle Setup.


          • Register a new domain: R79 and R79 annually.
          • Register a new .com domain: R219 and R219 annually.
          • Register a new .africa domain: R340 and R340 annually.



You manage your moodle installation yourself. (Prices subjected to changes.)

WE HOST AND MANAGE IT FOR YOU manage your moodle Installation for you.

This include additional monthly services like:

          1. We host the installation and assisting current owners to manage their sites.
          2. External backups of all courseware.
          3. Moodle HEALT checks and monthly maintenance.
          4. Plugin and Themes update according to the moodle version.
          5. Backup logs reports checking.
          6. Error report investigating and correction.
          7. Support/advice to moodle installation owners on moodle administration.

SUPPORT include day to day operation of the moodle site, with general advice and fixes where possible. This does not include loading of courseware, learner general support or designing and customising of scripts for moodle.


          1. Free MOODLE installation from the CPANEL on domains packages. This comes with the standard theme and no plugins installed, or:
          2. Installation R250. This comes with the standard plugins and themes used during the training inviorment.
          3. Developer: Plugin and Theme development – contact our theam for a quote.