SETUP my own elearning site

Currently we manage the following public elearning sites:


      1. Domain name, unless you already have one.
      2. Web-hosting to host your elearning domain site.
      3. Moodle Setup.


          • Register a new domain: R79 and R79 annually.
          • Register a new .com domain: R219 and R219 annually.
          • Register a new .africa domain: R340 and R340 annually.



Unfortunately we do not offer self-managed packages anymore. (Hosted on your own package.) The reason for this is:

      • Not all hosting packages is suitable for Moodle. You might be able to install it, but it wont work for to long.
      • The actual server is configured to specifically manage Moodle. No shared hosting provider will offer or allow this customization.


This include additional monthly services like:

          1. We host the installation and assisting current owners to manage their sites.
          2. External backups of all courseware.
          3. Moodle daily HEALT checks and monthly maintenance.
          4. Plugin and Themes update according to the moodle version.
          5. Backup logs reports checking.
          6. Error report investigating and correction.
          7. Support/advice to moodle installation owners on moodle administration.

SUPPORT include day to day operation of the moodle site, with general advice and fixes where possible. This does not include loading of courseware, learner general support or designing and customising of scripts for moodle.

NOTE: We reserve the right to all Administrative login details, due to the complexity of the software and for daily maintenance purposes. Users will be able to do basic configuration, create courses and manage users. Users who request administrative rights will be bill separately for any server maintenance and we will not be able to take any responsibility for down-time or loss of any data.

Cost of Moodle is calculated on:

        1. Installation cost of R1000.00 
          • Installation.
          • Theme setup.
          • Plugins setup.
          • Social Media registration.
          • Security setup.
          • SMTP sending setup to comply with easy un-subscriptions.
          • SSL installation.
          • User setup.
        2. Type and volume of support required.
          • How computer littered are you and your team?
          • How much support and training you require to load your courses.
          • How much support queries you will generate over time. (Do not refer to server or system errors.)
        3. Server space used.
          • We charge per the volume of space your elearning site is using, for example:
            • If a person upload a copy of his ID book, say 1mb.
            • With grading the feedback form will save a copy that becomes 2mb in space.
            • If we keep 14 days of backup an additional 28mb is added to the site.
            • So in total, the space for only one 1mb of data can result in 30mb over 14 days.