MOODLE Training Course


  • Your own Moodle elearning test website to practice on. (Login details will be emailed to you before commencement of the course).
  • The test site will be valid for 2 months, after which a R200 per month fee will be charged if you want to extend this period. However, you will be able to export any courses you created during the learning stage and import these with your own Moodle site.)
  • A Total of 100 Mb storage space will be allowed per user.
  • Support will be  provided during the 2 months period for any queries that falls within the learning content. (Responses are limited on the number of queries received.)
  • Two webinar sessions of 2 hour each to explain the Moodle eLearning setup.
  • You will be able to export any content created during this learning period and able to import to your own Moodle site if required.


  • A stable internet connection and about 2 to 6 Gig of data bundles.
  • A working Desktop or Laptop with average performance speed. (Not a mobile device!)
  • Preferably Google Chrome,  Firefox or  Internet Explorer must be installed.
  • At least 500 Mb of storage space available on your computer.
  • Mobile APP or Desktop application for ZOOM installed for online webinars. No camera required.
  • The following software installed that is operational:


  1. Enroll through for the course.
  2. Your invoice and confirmation detail will be emailed to you from our booking website.
  3. You will receive an email from us 1 hour before the webinar with help to connect to the streaming session.
  4. You will also receive a second email from the domain with your test learner moodle installation detail. Please ensure that you able to login to your site with the detail provided.
  5. You will also be registered on our elearning website where you will be graded after each webinar session. Your certificate will be created and released from the elearning site automatically on completion.



  1. MOODLE layout. (Not the advance ADMINISTRATOR rights used by developers, but normal users for loading courses and navigating around the online software.)
  2. The Moodle Interface.
  3. Setting up a theme, appearance and layout.
  4. Course Categories and how to create a course.
  5. Gradebook.
  6. Folder Resources and file resources.
  7. Module 5: New Courses
  8. Loading content.
    • Pages of content.
    • Linking to external pages.
    • Downloading a file.
    • Create a folder with files in.
    • Create a label.
  9. Submissions.
    • Assignments.
    • Quiz.
  10. Making your site user friendly.

SECOND WEBINAR 2 1/2 HOURS (Date will be confirmed during the first webinar.)

  1. Addressing concerns of users during the first webinar. (Estimated 30min)
  2. Editing the HTML code or:
    • Banners.
    • Tables.
  3. Restriction of modules to users.
  4. Assignment Activity.
  5. Lesson Activity.
  6. Quiz Activity.
  7. Choice Activity.
  8. Feedback Activity.
  9. Activity Completion.
  10. Issue of Certificates.
  11. Creating users.
  12. Linking mobile APP.
  13. Accepting PayFast payments.
  14. Backup, export and imports.
  15. Final Certificate to indicate what you have covered during this learning course.

Bookings are done through on this link.