Product management training providers

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question as to whether you’re any good at your job then I’m sure the answer would be ‘yes’.

But a second question ‘Are you as good as you could be?’ is likely to give a different answer.

We all feel we could learn more and be better at certain aspects of our job. No one is perfect (even my wife tells me that).

The product management and product marketing roles are at the center of any company with products. And when we do our job better it has a ripple effect across the whole company. Products are more successful and the company makes more money.

But these roles are broad and there is a bewildering array of traditional and newer approaches to be considered when tackling any task. How do you keep up with best practice? How do you understand the big picture and know what to prioritize?

Good training can give you insights into the various options and help educate you on the best approach to take in your circumstances.

From our survey, we know that around half of us have to learn ‘on-the-job’. Maybe we have a mentor, maybe we read up on things – maybe not.

Learning by doing has its place, but it’s not always the most effective way of learning. It can be slow, we make mistakes and it doesn’t help us with what world-class looks like.

Based on our experience, we believe the fastest, most effective and engaging training is face-to-face in the classroom.

If you’re considering training, then to help you make a decision on what’s best for you we’ve created a checklist of things to consider when selecting a training provider.