About Us

I been working in the Training Industry for the past 23 years through various SETAs as a Training Provider and been experimenting with WordPress and Moodle platforms since 2011. Since 2019 with the COVID-19 epidemic I have moved full time from training to software development, once of my all time favorite hobbies that I can now do full time.

Majority of so-called developers sell open source products (free software) such as WordPress and Moodle with free, off-the-shelf plugins. Soon these sites will require desperate maintenance and run into problems.

Currently MySimpleWebsite runs under the TrainYouCan umbrella that is responsible for the training side.

As many sales people who want to make a quick bug, they forget to discuss key aspects of any elearning site with the client, that includes:

  1. Maintenance and updates that is typically required every 2 to 3 months. One out of date site, plugin or theme can leave your site expose to anyone, enabling them to copy your information out or descript it for ransom ware.
  2. Backups of the biggest data and storage hoarder sites in the world. Normal websites typically consumes 50mb of space, where elearning sites can run into hundreds of Gigs, depending on the number of students, courses and backups stored.
  3. Recovery and downtime of large sites, with options of hourly database backups and quick restoration during busy exam periods.
  4. Speed and excellent user experience by hosting on in-expensive dedicated hosting solutions that does not share the server memory and resources with thousands of other users.

Currently all our elearning sites is hosted on dedicated servers that is setup and configured for elearning solutions that enable additional features that is not available on shared hosting platforms.

We also provide custom training and support solutions to content developers and teachers (assessors) as we don’t sell or load learning content ourselves on these sites. We simply provide the technical resources and support to our clients. We also believe it is important that owners must know how to load and manage the content on their own elearning sites.

Can you offer elearning if you never done a elearning course before?