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Why evaluate training?

Why evaluate training providers? There are many reasons for evaluating training, including: Training Providers: quality-check training development and delivery identify the most effective training strategies find out how learning is being applied/transferred demonstrate the value of training to customers. Businesses: identify high/low-performing courses track development of staff knowledge and skills check impact on job and […]

Online Facilitator ETDP SETA Accredited Course

Qualifying as a Facilitator (also known as Train the Trainer) For booking visit coursesdirect.co.za online. Purpose of this Facilitator Course This facilitation training course will provide recognition for those who facilitate or intend to facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies. Formal recognition will enhance their employability and also provide a means to identify competent […]

Facilitator course online

Facilitator course online The Facilitator training course will help you better understand the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and will help you take the first step in developing your skills and acquiring a variety of qualifications within the fields of Education Training and Development Practices. Online Learning Have you ever wondered what online education entails? In South Africa, online […]

Anti Money Laundering & Countering of Terrorist Financing course

Requirements You need basic device with video viewing capability This course is for working professionals with basic understanding of business, banking and financial subjects , even freshers & student already in Pre and Graduation level aspiring for a Career in Compliance related field in the Financial Industry Globally The FICA Awareness Training is aimed at […]

Facilitator Course ETDP SETA Accredited

Qualifying as a Facilitator (also known as Train the Trainer) The broad learning objective of this course is to develop the awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants needed to deliver professional facilitation. This course will ensure any facilitator learns how to present a lesson or a training facilitation in a highly professional, entertaining, dynamic, impactful […]