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Why outcome based education is so important

Outcome-based education (OBE) is an educational approach that focuses on defining and measuring the intended learning outcomes of students. Instead of solely concentrating on what content is taught, OBE emphasizes what students are expected to achieve and demonstrate as a result of their learning experience. There are several reasons why Outcome-based education is considered important: […]

Become SETA Accredited Training Provider

Accreditation Accreditation is the certification, usually for a particular period of time, of a person, body or institution as having the capacity to fulfill a particular function within the quality assurance system set up by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Training Provider A provider is an education and training body (institution/organisation, company, centre, collaborative partnership, […]

What is an Annual Training Report, ATR?

What is an Annual Training Report ATR? Basically this report consists of all attendance registers, proof of expenditure, training provider used in this report the SETA can establish whether training was done or is in the process of being done. What is the purpose of a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)? The Workplace Skills Plan serves […]

Assessor Course

Are you passionate about teaching and conducting assessments? Why not make a career out of your passion by attending any one of our SETA accredited credit bearing assessor courses. The Assessor course is for people who intend to assess candidates for their achievement of learning outcomes, using pre-designed instruments. This assessor course will be of […]


Project managers are natural problem-solvers. They set the plan and guide teammates, and manage changes, risks, and stakeholders. Project Management has emerged in the business world as one of the most popular career fields in the twenty-first century. It encompasses and touches every facet and business unit of the organisation from human resources to finance […]

SETA Accredited Training Provide

Requirements to become a SETA Accredited Training Provider: The document Criteria and Guidelines to become a SETA Accredited Training Provider sets out the requirements for accreditation. The programmes (and/or assessments) offered by the education and training provider must culminate in unit standards and/or qualifications registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). The curriculum (design, content and learning materials) is aligned to the unit standards […]

SETA Accredited Training Provider

Accreditation Accreditation means the certification, usually for a particular period of time, of a person, a body or an institution as having the capacity to fulfill a particular function in the quality assurance system set up by the South African Qualifications Authority in terms of the Act. The main steps in the accreditation process to become a SETA Accredited Training Provider: […]