The worst SA spammers

RE: The worst SA spammers – People/Companies not to use for marketing = all their mail is blocked as SPAM!

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The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) published its latest email spam “Hall of Shame”, naming and shaming South African spammers.

ISPA highlighted that spam is one of the most significant threats to the Internet, accounting for a large percentage of all email traffic. “Spam costs consumers and ISPs lots of money in bandwidth charges,” ISPA said.

ISPA’s ‘Hall of Shame’, launched in 2008, forms part of the organisation’s broader strategy to fight the growing deluge of spam across its members’ networks.

In its latest Hall of Shame report, ISPA lists three sets of companies – known spammers, email address resellers and repeat offenders which will remain listed for 3 years for continuing to send spam after they undertook to stop.

To be removed from the ISPA Hall of Shame, a spammer must sign an undertaking not to continue spamming. If the spammer persist in sending spam after signing the undertaking, they get relisted and remain so for 3 years.

Parties to remain listed for 3 years for sending spam after undertaking to stop

  1. SA Webs (not SA Web Design)
  2. Ketler Presentations
  3. Brain Power
  4. The SA Consumer Initiative
  5. Ashley John de Melo
  6. IITA
  7. Interactive Direct

Known Spammers

  1. Worldclass Mobile aka Marketing House
  2. Andre du Preez –
  3. Greycell cc / Bad Credit Loans
  4. Richard Catto
  5. Craig Sneeden C2IT
  6. Grunder Marketing
  7. The Peer Group
  8. Eric Foster – Go Green Lawn Seeds
  9. Melrose Advanced Professional Training
  10. Murray Hewlett, Affinity Data
  11. Jane Sway
  12. Best Cameras Ltd
  13. Camera House – Selby Mckenzie
  14. Glass King

Address resellers

  1. Mark Tribelhorn
  2. Affordable Construction
  3. Rain Marketing
  4. Peter Van Wyk – Media Online (not ‘The Media Online’)
  5. Mandy Simone
  6. Timothy Heston
  7. Verosha Bisnath
  8. ListSA
  9. Email Marketing South Africa
  10. Web Marketing Today
  11. All Things SA
  12. Data Corp SA
  13. Trinity Designs
  14. Trevor Jones
  15. MailMagic
  16. DataInc
  17. Jannie Pretorius, Group3Properties
  18. Silent G
  19. Michael Fraser, Pink Soda Marketing
  20. Graham Naude, Eezi Marketing
  21. Marketing Now
  22. Abram Morake
  23. Aqua Direct Marketing
  24. Master Lists SA
  25. Bulk eMail services
  27. Tony Baker – SA Data Marketing
  28. Grey Apple Marketing
  29. Johan Pretorius aka JP
  30. B2B Mach4
  31. Ashley John de Melo, Beziflash Solutions