Uncapped ADSL – where to get the best deal

Openweb recently re-launched its Titan Uncapped ADSL product range, which the company said offers “affordable, reliable, un-throttled ADSL with no limits on the total amount of data used”.

Openweb CEO Keoma Wright explained that shaping on its Titan Uncapped accounts is applied only when the network is busy. “When the network is quiet, the product is unshaped,” said Wright.

The company is offering free access for new account signups for the rest of April, with standard billing commencing in May 2014.

Pricing starts at R149 per month for a 2Mbps account, and increases to R399 for a 10Mbps service.

The following table provides an overview of some of the affordable uncapped ADSL deals currently available.

2Mbps home uncapped ADSL
ISP Monthly price
Incredible Connection R99
Openweb Titan Uncapped R149
Cybersmart R195
Telkom Internet R199
Web Africa R199
Vox Telecom R239
Axxess R265
Afrihost R297
4Mbps home uncapped ADSL
Telkom Internet R249
Openweb Titan Uncapped R249
Incredible Connection R260
Cybersmart R295
Web Africa R299
Axxess R325
Vox Telecom R359
Afrihost R397
10Mbps home uncapped ADSL
Cybersmart R375
Vox Telecom R399
Axxess R495
Openweb Titan Uncapped R495
Incredible Connection R499
Web Africa R499
Telkom Internet R574
Afrihost R797

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