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Trainer ETDP SETA Accredited Course

Qualifying as a Facilitator (also known as Train the Trainer) The broad learning objective of this course is to develop the awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants needed to deliver professional facilitation. This course will ensure any facilitator learns how to present a lesson or a training facilitation in a highly professional, entertaining, dynamic, impactful […]

Accredited Assessors course by the ETDP SETA

People credited with this unit standard are able to carry out assessments in a fair, valid, reliable and practicable manner that is free of all bias and discrimination, paying particular attention to the three groups targeted for redress: race, gender and disability. Assessors Course accepted by all SETAs Each learner will receive a learner guide […]

Become ETDP SETA Train the Trainer Certified

Why is train the trainer training needed? Throughout a Train the Trainer course, internal instructors are taught ways to provide courses and workshops. Among the most typical choices, nevertheless, is providing internal or external training. Some business have actually even established internal training programs that are taught by their own personnel. After all, it makes […]

TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network

TRAINYOUCAN is an accredited training provider through the ETDP SETA that manage all its bookings through the booking site www.coursesdirect.co.za. TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network Those who have achieved this unit standard will be able to moderate assessments in terms of the relevant outcome statements and quality assurance requirements. The candidate-moderator will be able to […]

SDF Course also known as Skills Development Facilitator Course

Short name: SDF Training (Training needs, plans, budgets, legislation, WSP/ATR and motivation). Full description: 15232, 15217, 15218, 252041 Skills Development Facilitator or Facilitating Skills Development in an Organisation. SDF Course ETDP SETA Accredited SETA accredited: Yes, ETDP SETA NQF Accredited (Education, Training, Development & Practices Sector Education & Training Authority (ETDP Seta) www.etdpseta.org.za) NQF: 5 […]

Moderator Course ETDP SETA

ETDP SETA registered and accredited. Click here to confirm our accreditation. NQF Level 6, total of 10 Credits. US 115759, Minimum requirements by the SETA for registration. ETDP SETA Moderator 115759 The Moderation training course is aimed to accredited you as an individual to moderate assessments decisions for either a training provider or on behalf […]

Accredited Elearning Courses

eLearning continues to gain ground in the corporate sector. Businesses implement it to develop their staff, streamline their processes, and extend their reach. So what is eLearning in a real-world context and why is it so attractive? Let’s have a look. TrainYouCan is a SETA accredited training centre – offering trade skills and vocational training, […]



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SETUP my own elearning site

Currently we manage the following public elearning sites: TrainYouCan PTY LTD SETA Elearning TrainYouCan PTY LTD QCTO Elearning. Elearningskills.co.za short courses. Gogleweb.com short courses. WHAT YOU NEED: Domain name, unless you already have one. (We not setting this up on the same domain as your website.) Web-hosting to host your elearning domain site. Moodle Setup. […]